Funding the Bag Course.

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Power your business financially

Grow & Scale Your Business Using OPM.

In the Funding the Bag business credit course, you’ll learn how to grow and scale your business using OPM (Other People’s Money). EPA Financial focuses on teaching you the ins and outs of business credit. Use the Road 2 Wealth proven method to power your business financially for success and wealth! 

What You'll Learn

We teach everything you'll need to dominate financially, and we'll provide you with several funding sources for indefinite growth potential!

Course Topics:
  • Business Credit Basics
  • Business Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Steps to Building Business Credit
  • Business Credit Top Secrets Revealed
  • Business Credit Cards + Lines of Credits
  • Business Funding-Equipment Financing and Working Capital
  • Business Credit Hacks & Strategies-Guaranteed Approvals
  • How to get in with Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Amazon Net 30 Approval Strategy
  • How To Purchase a Vehicle in Your Business Name Using EIN Only
  • Access to Small Business Grants
  • Ways to Fund Your Business with No Money
  • Airbnb Referral
  • The Personal Credit Score Guide and MORE!
What You Get

Benefits of Investing in Your Financial Future.

What's Included: